Frequently asked questions

Where will counselling sessions take place?

My main centre is in Stamford, about 10 miles north of Peterborough. When you make an appointment, we can discuss the best location for counselling to take place.


Will I know everything that my child has told you?

Counselling is a time when it’s OK to talk about concerns without fear of angering, disappointing or concerning loved-ones. This includes not discussing issues raised during sessions with parents unless the young person gives consent for this. This may be hard for parents to accept, but ensuring the confidentiality of my work is crucial for establishing trust, so that young people feel confident to speak openly about what is concerning them. However, if a child or teenager is at risk of significant harm, it may be appropriate to seek help from other agencies to keep them safe. I would discuss this first with the young person concerned.


How much will it cost?

Sessions for children and teens aged 17 and under are £35. A limited number of concessions are available.

How long is each session?

1 hour for teenagers, 45 minutes for children. [PLEASE CHECK!]


How often are the sessions?

Weekly, at the same time each week. A more flexible approach can be taken.


How many weeks do they last?

There is no set course or programme of sessions. Sometimes a few weeks are sufficient, sometimes more are needed.

We can agree a certain number of sessions, or leave it open-ended, and this can be reviewed at any time.

How do I make an appointment?

Telephone: 01780 757915 or 07928 091134. If I’m not available, please leave a message with your number.

Please let me know when it would be convenient to call back and whether it is okay to leave a message if you are unable to answer.

What if I have more questions?

You can telephone me on the above numbers or email me.



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